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Education, Community, Sharing and Growing
Year after year GOT members choose to come back to MIT’s Endicott house to be together, learn and engage in a new conversation. With a self governed board and committees, the program is designed to create the most impact and change a CEO can experience in 5 days.

More a family then a CEO group, GOT attracts the best and the brightest entrepreneurs. World class speakers rave about GOT and many become de-facto members attending year after year.

See what they are saying:

“We knew there was an opportunity to make something great even better, so we created GOT. The result has been even stronger friendships and the ability to help each other make a difference in the world through our businesses.”

“I was asked to be a teacher, but I think I wound up being a student. This group is so open, so enthusiastic and so driven, it is hard not to learn from them. I’ve seen this happen consistently–people enter as experts and they leave as enthusiastic friends.”
David Zelman, World-renowned Coach

“I feel blessed to have GOT as an anchor and annual ritual in my life. It is an absolute privilege to be responsible for selecting the speakers for this event and to have the opportunity to spend time with a fantastic group of leading edge thinkers. These are two of the best parts of GOT for me,”
Rick Sapio, GOT Chairman 2012, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

“The reach of the Titan’s group is impressive. They touch dozens of countries and help shape the face of entrepreneurial learning. “

“In this room, I am among more than just friends. I am with people who are actively making positive things happen in their communities.”
David Galbenski, CEO of Lumen Legal, 2008-2009 Global Chairman of The Entrepreneur’s Organization (“EO”)

“I am honored to be chairing GOT for a second time. It is rare to be able to spend time with such driven, thoughtful people. Every year, I am amazed at how the seeds planted in previous gatherings have blossomed into new businesses, new crusades and new friendships. I am committed to contributing to the momentum created by the leaders in the group and the many experts who have contributed to our growth.”
Mike Maddock, Founding Partner of Innovation Agency Maddock Douglas