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GOT is an offshoot of the three-year curriculum Birthing of Giants program (“BOG”) now called the Entrepreneurial Masters Program (“EMP”) which was started by a partnership between Inc. magazine, MIT, and the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) in 1989.
EMP seeks out the brightest and most aggressive entrepreneurs from around the world, and provides them with a forum to build relationships, share insights, and learn from legendary thought leaders. After 22 years, it has become a highly respected and powerful network of influential business leaders.
The 5 day event takes learning and social interaction to a whole new level by introducing world class speakers and learning opportunities that take attendees beyond balance sheets, opening up a world of balance and perspective.


With a CEO-ONLY audience, GOT is thought by many to be one of the most coveted speaking venues for thought leaders and business titans. To understand the power of GOT, one need only look at the list of people who volunteer their time to teach and inspire this group. The list is a virtual who’s who of CEO’s, famous entrepreneurs, and bestselling authors. Many of these guests share the DNA and hard knocks of the entrepreneurs in the room.

In recent years, the one time a year spring event has been blessed with more willing thought leaders and speakers than we could host. The reason? The word has gotten out that this group of serial entrepreneurs makes things happen. Whether it is changing the dialogue, changing business models or changing the world, the members of GOT work at making a difference in the their lives and communities.